Specialty Coffee

graos de cafe
Microlots of specialty coffee beans direct trade from small farmers to micro roasters
  • Logistics and operation directly from farmers to roasters: Direct Trade
  • Establishing relationship with small farmers, specialty coffees microlots suppliers.
  • Search for long term partners both farmers and buyers.
  • Provide training and better profit to farmers as we pay premium prices over local market.
  • Provide traceability for all microlot’s, pay incentives to fair trade certified coffee’s.

Our Farms

About the Coffee Origin.

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Gurita Coffee is culmination of a dream to work with specialty coffees of small farmers to the global market. Our work is to short the gap and eliminate intermediates in the process as we work direct with the producer to guarantee the premium remuneration for his hard work. We praise the most sustainable relationship with the environment and people evolved at the process. We must be honest, loyal and true to our principles to deliver the beans exactly as listed in our product description sheets.

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Coffee farm